The red Goldendoodle is one of the most cutest and distinguished dog breeds. Their wacky and fun-loving nature leaves people wanting to shower all their love on them. Being a very charming and adorable breed, it proves to be a great choice for nearly every household. 

The red teddy bear looks of this breed usually raise a lot of questions about its origin. Some consider it as a hybrid while others think of it as an original breed. But, very few know that it’s a hybrid. However, the question that leaves people even more curious is about the parent breed of this red mini Goldendoodle

Can’t resist the pretty looks and thinking of adopting a red Goldendoodle? Regardless, one should have proper knowledge about the breed before committing to it permanently. 

Is Red Goldendoodle A Hybrid Breed? 

The red fluffy fur of the goldendoodle may confuse many people for an original breed. However, it’s surprising to know that it’s a hybrid. It’s an intentional cross between two very renowned purebreds. The parents of this wacky and winsome dog are a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Moreover, parent Goldendoodles further give birth to red Goldendoodle puppies

The origin of red Goldendoodles dates back to the 1970s. Now there are many different coloured goldendoodles in today’s world. The single crobriding led to a red muppet puppy that has the qualities of both their parents including intelligence, charisma and friendly nature. 

Traits Of Red Goldendoodle:

The red Goldendoodle has the best qualities of both their parents like:


The Goldendoodle has a very furry teddy bear appearance. The coat may warry according to the parents of Golden Retriever and Poodle and may look like:

  • Curly: Just like a Poodle some goldendoodles have curly, dense, and hypoallergenic fur. They shed much less fur as compared to other dogs. Their hair grows fast as well. So the mini goldendoodle red fur requires regular clipping and grooming. 
  • Wavy: As a hybrid of Golden Retriever and Poodle they may have a wavy coat. They are also hypoallergenic but not as much as curly-coated Goldendoodles. However, they also require proper coat grooming. 
  • Straight: If a Goldendoodle is much like a Golden Retriever they have a straight coat. Their fur is not that dense and hypoallergenic. So they require extra care. 


The size of a red Goldendoodle depends on its parents. It varies in two different categories. 

  • Standard: If both the parents of the puppy are large then their pup also has a standard size. 
  • Small: A small golden retriever and poodle give birth to a red mini Goldendoodle. 


Goldendoodle have the behaviour of both their parents. 

  • Intelligence: Similar to their parents, Goldendoodles are quite intelligent. They grasp and learn things much faster than other dogs. This makes them perfect to train. 
  • Friendly: One of the most popular traits of these hounds is their friendly nature. They are a perfect choice as a pet. 
  • Enthusiastic: These fluffy friends are very enthusiastic. They are very to train and play with. 
  • Charm: The red Goldendoodle puppies are born with their parents’ charm. They are fluffy and furry just like teddy bears. 

Fur Colours:

Despite their name, the red Goldendoodles are in many different colours including white, black, brown and many more colours. Some of these adorable mini pups come in unique colours like phantom, tan, golden, merle, tuxedo and party colours. 

Can The Fur Colour Of The Red Goldendoodle Change? 

Many people are very concerned about the colour change of their Goldendoodle puppy. Well, it’s nothing to be concerned about. One of the major characteristics of this breed is colour change.

While growing up the mini goldendoodle red colour gets lightened. As they reach adolescence the colour of these dogs fades or lightens up. However, some parts of the body of these dogs like eyes do not change their colour. 

This change does not occur overnight. One can notice slightly lighter hairs on the dog in around five months after it’s born. With time the colour keeps changing and gradually becomes light. With time it also develops some additional white hairs that can be seen around the eyes.

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Red Goldendoodle:

While adopting a red goldendoodle many things should be kept in mind. Among them, the most important thing is the breeder. Always look for a good breeder who can give every important information about the red goldendoodle puppy like genetic and health history. Besides there are several other things that should be kept in mind while adopting a goldendoodle like:

  • Always ask about the health condition and history not only of the puppy but of their parents as well. It’s very important to know it well before taking it to a vet. 
  • Ask if the puppy is properly vaccinated or not as it may cause some problems if it bites someone. 
  • Visit the facilities the breeder was providing to the pup and its parents. As it may help bring up the puppy. 
  • Lastly before adopting the red Goldendoodle puppies make sure to complete all the necessary paperwork

How To Take Proper Care Of Red Goldendoodles? 

Regular Checkup:

Although red Goldendoodles are healthy and require very little care, it’s very important to find a good breeder to ensure the safety of the dog. Also, make sure to take the pup to a good veterinary and complete all the vaccinations. One should also take them to the vet for regular checkups. 

Balanced Diet:

Unlike other dogs, this breed it’s a picky eater. However, take proper care of their diet. Make them eat soft foods and dog foods. It’s better to consult a vet and get a proper diet chart. Always remember to keep them away from food they are allergic to. 

Regular Training And Exercise:

Just like their parents, the red Goldendoodle is a very active and sharp breed. It requires regular exercise to stimulate the body and mind. It also grasps and learns things very quickly so regular training may make it obedient and well-behaved among varied people and places. 


Red goldendoodles have furry long and hypoallergenic coats that need proper grooming. Brush their hair weekly to avoid any kind of infection. Also, make sure to trim their hair at a regular interval as they grow fast. Lastly, use a gentle and mild shampoo to clean them.


The red Goldendoodles are a new breed of dogs. They have a very quirky and sticking appearance due to their unique colours, coat and size. These dogs are hypoallergenic which varies depending on their coat. Just like other breeds they also need proper love and care. So this winter, adopt an adorable and beautiful mini Goldendoodle puppy to fill your heart with warmth and love.

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