How long do English bulldogs live? A most common question that arises while adopting an English bulldog is about their lifespan. 

Every dog lover gets worried about the lifespan of their pets at a certain point. All dog breeds have different lifespans including the English bulldog. Some dogs have very short lifespans, some have average and some have a longer lifespan as compared to others. 

As for English bulldogs, they have a short lifespan of six to eight years. This worries the dog owners. However, certain tips and tricks can increase the life expectancy of your dog. 

Being an English bulldog’s parent it’s very common to wonder how long do english bulldogs live. They can live longer based on the lifestyle you choose for them. A healthy diet and some precautions can increase their lifespan. 

This guide will provide you with all the necessary information you need to know about your English bulldog. 

Average Life Expectancy Of American Bulldogs

The life expectancy of an English bulldog ranges between eight to ten years. Although it’s a very short lifespan as compared to other dog breeds some bulldogs live for eleven to twelve years. As compared to males, female English bulldogs have a longer lifespan. 

Despite their small size, the English bulldogs have a very short life. A normal English bulldog starts showing the ageing signs as they turn six or seven years old. 

In addition, there is no perfect answer to how long do english bulldogs live as every dog breed has a different lifespan. Some small dogs live much longer than big and medium dogs. However, the English bulldogs live a very short life. 

Causes For The Death Of English Bulldogs

According to a study many people are adopting English bulldogs nowadays. They are sociable and trainable. The only issue is with their lifespan. Commonly English bulldogs suffer from respiratory or obesity disease which is the major cause of their deaths. 

The English bulldogs are popular for being bullfighters. However, now they are more than this. They are also known for their companionship. The adorable and stubborn nature of this breed is very affectionate. 

Wondering how long do english bulldogs live? Apart from respiratory problems, several other problems can shorten the life of your English bulldog. So here is a list of other diseases that might lead to the death of your English bulldog. 

Life-Threatening Diseases Which Can Lead To The Death Of English Bulldogs

How long do english bulldogs live if they suffer from some diseases? Well, the answer to this question depends on the disease and its cure. Some diseases are not life-threatening and can be cured easily with medication. 

However, for some life-threatening diseases, you might have to get your dog surgery or they might even die from such illnesses. So, let’s discuss these causes in detail. 

Bleeding Disorders

Bleeding disorder is a serious problem and needs medical attention. In English bulldogs, it’s a common problem. To answer how long english bulldogs live if they have this, vets suggest surgery to prevent the dog’s blood clotting. Once the surgery is done your dog will live a longer life. 


The most common disease in English bulldogs is obesity. It may increase the risk of cancer, arthritis or even breathing problems. It may lead to shortening the life of your bulldog. So take proper care of your bulldog and visit a vet for a time-to-time checkup. 


One of the major causes of shortening the life of your bulldog is cancer. There are different kinds of cancer. In English bulldogs, lymphomas canine and mast cell tumours are the most common cancers. Keep reading to know more about how long do english bulldogs live

However, according to the doctors, it’s easy to detect cancer with some exams and periodic tests. Once it’s detected it can be cured by medication or surgery. 

Enough exercise and a balanced diet can also prevent English bulldogs from the risk of different types of cancer. So make sure your dog is getting a proper balanced diet and exercise every day. 

Other Diseases Which Can Shorten The Life Expectancy Of Your English Bulldog

Eye Problems

Eye problems are not serious however they may shorten the life of your bulldog. They may develop diseases like entropion or cherry eye. So how long do english bulldogs live if they develop any such problems? It depends on the disease. It’s highly suggested to visit a vet as soon as possible if you find your dog suffering from it. 

Skin infections

The English bulldog’s skin is loose and wrinkled so it easily develops skin infections. Infections can be caused by fungi, bacteria and parasites are common in them. 

They may suffer from oozing skin, itching, blisters and other problems. To avoid these problems, groom and keep your dog and surroundings clean. 

Tips To Increase The Life Expectancy Of Your English Bulldog. 

After knowing how long do English bulldogs live, another thing you might feel curious to know is the different tips by which one can increase their life expectancy. 

Proper Balanced Diet:

A proper balanced diet can increase the life expectancy of your English bulldog. It helps in maintaining necessary nutrients and even enhances the immunity of your dog. Get a recommendation from your vet regarding a balanced diet for your dog. 

Periodic Routine Checkup:

Dogs require regular routine checkups to ensure good health. Not only the body but they also require dental care. So make sure to get an appointment with a vet for your English bulldog at least twice a year. 

Regular Grooming:

To prevent your English bulldog from skin infections make sure to groom them regularly. Give regular baths to your dog and try to use the doctor’s prescribed shampoo. Clean their face after every meal. Keep your dog and its surroundings clean to increase the life expectancy of your English bulldog. 


Now you know the answer to how long do English bulldogs live. English bulldogs are small dogs with a short life of eight to ten years. However, they may also suffer from certain diseases which may shorten their life even more. 

Nevertheless, several steps can increase the life expectancy of your bulldog. In this article, we have already discussed some tips and tricks to take proper care of your hound. So follow these instructions for maintaining and even increasing the lifespan of your little friend.