Are German shepherds good with kids? A question that dodges our mind when thinking of adopting a dog, especially of a large dog like a German Shepherd. One needs to be completely sure of the decision they are making.

Taking a big decision like this is no joke as children and large dogs might seem like a worrisome combination. All kinds of questions surface in our mind like, Is the German Shepherd a good family dog?

German Shepherds are smart, trainable, active and loving dogs that are great with kids and families. Whether you’re hunting for a perfect canine friend or just curious, this guide will provide you with all the reasons that make them the best companions for kids.

Can A German Shepherd Be Trusted Around Kids?

Whether you’re wondering if or are German shepherds good with kids, the answer is yes. German Shepherds are child-friendly dogs that enjoy being around children. They are one of the highly intelligent breeds that are known for their good temperament and loyalty to their families.

A properly trained and socialised GSD is a good addition to the home as they can bond quickly with the families including children and can guard them as well. Shepherds need an adequate amount of exercise every day to stay healthy and the efficient way to achieve that is by letting them play with kids. 

Will German Shepherd Attack/Scare The Children?

A thing which makes the question of are german shepherds good with kids a bit sceptical is their involvement with kids. Initially, children might find the dog a little scary as of their size, appearance or behaviour. 

Shepherds like to get near kids or even sniff them to get to know them which might be frightening for small kids. However, with regular socialising the kid and dog will eventually get along with each other.  As shepherds have been used in police and military work for ages, people usually mistake them to be very aggressive.  That’s when the question of are german shepherds good with kids arises.

But that’s not the case. A properly trained and socialised GSD won’t attack more than any other dog. Their high intelligence levels, and ability to be trained easily make them an ideal choice for the police force, and not because of their aggressive attitude.

Some Important Things To Take Care of When Bringing German Shepherd Home 

If you’ve moved on from the question of are german shepherds good with kids and are ready to adopt a furry paw, then you must consider the following things. 

1. Respect:

Teach your children to respect the dog and vice versa will follow. People usually overlook the fact that the child should be respectful towards the dog and expect respect only from the dog. 

Teach your children to consider the puppy as part of the family and give it equal respect as a family member. One should also teach their kids not to pull their ears or treat them like a toy. 

2. Socialisation:

Socialisation is a big part of removing the hesitation of the question: are german shepherds good with kids? The earlier you socialise the better the bond gets between the two. Adopting a small puppy is a good start as your dog and kid can likely grow up together. 

If you’re thinking of bringing an old shepherd home, make sure to check its background. Be sure of whether or not they have been around children before bringing your furry friend into the house.

3. Exercise:

German Shepherds are those dogs which require an adequate amount of exercise as they have high energy levels. Exercising for about an hour is fine yet the more the better. 

One easy way to achieve this is by letting them play with kids. They are german shepherds who are good with kids. However, if your children are too small to go outside and play with dogs to wear them out then you must give them adequate exercise by yourself. 

4. Training:

Training is a crucial part of raising a pet including a german shepherd. Teach your puppy how to sit, heel, come, stay and lay down. Regular enforcement of commands at home will make them acquainted with them properly.

Guidance For Teaching Your Kid How To Treat The Dog The Right Way

There’s a certain way of treating a pet and that should be taught to the children for preventing any mishaps. According to some sources, half of the dog bites are related to children. Before asking the question, are german shepherds good with kids? One should teach their child to be gentle with dogs and interact with them respectfully. Some important things that one should teach their children are:

  • It’s not okay to ride on a dog’s back or attempt it.
  • It’s not okay to pull or tug a dog’s ears or tail.
  • It’s not okay to startle the dog.
  • It’s not okay to bother them during mealtimes or play with the meal.
  • It’s not okay to disturb them during exercise or play sessions.

These all can trigger aggressive behaviours like showing bared teeth, growling, barking, lunging and widening eyes. Teach your kids not to provoke the dog and reach out to adults if/when noticing any such behaviours.

Are German Shepherds Good With Kids?

The answer to the question of are german shepherds good with kids is YES! Shepherds’ willingness to please their owners through loyalty makes them children-friendly. A GSD requires training and socialising as well as plenty of exercise for becoming a well-trusted pet among small kids. 

Socialising plays a crucial role too. One should try to socialise their kids with puppies as early as possible to make them friends. Make sure to teach your children the correct ways of approaching and treating a pet. No matter how smart and efficient shepherds are, do not leave small kids unsupervised around them. 


In this article, we discussed the most important question, are german shepherds good with kids or not? The answer is yes. They are smart, trainable and active, thereby making them an ideal canine companion for both kids and families. Proper training and socialisation will help him be the best he can be around people and animals. Teach your children good, healthy and respectful behaviour towards dogs and you’ll have a loyal and affectionate hound in the family. 

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