Looking for dogs that are skinny? Tired of furs hanging all around the puppy, then you could consider a tall, big hound. With more than 100 breeds worldwide, dogs sum up as one of the sweetest, active and loyal pets. Despite the differences in their characteristics, they share certain similarities as well.

If you’ve been curiously looking for a skinny, tall canine friend, then you’re in the right place. This article will provide you with a list of the top most famous skinny dog breeds. Before you make a decision, be sure you have enough space and time to commit to keeping your dog in good health.

Some Breeds Of Dogs That Are Skinny, Tall And Sleek

Here’s a list of ten breeds of dogs that are skinny with amazing running and tracking abilities.

1. Greyhound:

The first name that comes to our mind when hearing of a skinny dog breed is none other than the Greyhound. These are renowned worldwide for their tall, sleek and stunningly skinny appearance. 

The greyhound’s slim body intriguingly resembles an inverted ‘S’ shape with its waist tucked in and curved chest. It belongs to the category of dogs that are skinny with a fastest racing capacity of about 45 miles per hour. One thing that sets it apart from other dogs is the absence of an undercoat and the presence of only 13% body fat. 

The best thing about them is they require minimum maintenance. With every occasional bathing and taking out for simple daily walks, they can adjust anywhere from condos to homes with small yards. Moreover, they don’t bark too much.

2. Kanni:

The next dog in our list of dogs that are skinny is the Kanni breed. They are a smaller version of Greyhound with a weight of about 35 pounds. 

The dog got its name from a Tamil word ‘Kanni’ meaning pure; named after its sincere nature and loyalty. The breed is indigenous in South India’s Tamil Nadu. Apart from the presence of similar physical traits like Greyhound, these are intelligent and trainable breeds. 

They might turn destructive unless their exercise requirements are met. Kanni are usually shy, regardless, faithful and protective towards their family and owner.

3. Whippet:

Another dog that resembles a hound in appearance but is a bit smaller is the whippet breed. Born with hereditary characteristics, whippets are those dogs that are skinny, lean and athletic. 

Whippets were created in the middle of the 19th century in England for catching small prey such as rabbits in arena sports. Additionally, they have long legs, deep and strong chest, trim waist, and muscular body. Despite their excellence in racing and chasing, they are gentle and less aggressive. 

Their calm nature and rare barking make them an exceptional addition to any family. Whippets are low-maintenance with periodic shedding of their delightfully lustrous and smooth coat. 

4. Saluki:

A dog breed that has been extensively used for hunting for ages is Saluki. Saluki belongs to the dogs that are skinny with fuzzy coats and long noses. They weigh up to 70 pounds and are 28 inches tall. They are also known as the Persian greyhound, Arabian hound, and gazelle hound. 

Saluki’s ancestors are believed to have originated from Ancient Egypt and is considered one of the oldest and most expensive dog breeds. These have been used as a choice for hunting by monarchs. 

With silky long hairs on their tails, ears, chin and legs, Salukis are skinnier and angular-looking dogs. If you’re looking for a dog with a minimal maintenance and exercise regime, Saluki might be the perfect dog for you.

5.  Doberman Pinscher:

One of the dogs that are skinny yet muscular, tall and large are Doberman Pinschers. The dog is named after Karl Doberman, a person who first bred this dog in the 1880s. 

Pinschers are about 28 inches in length weighing up to 80 pounds making it a particularly strong and compact dog. Different pinschers vary in appearance and size. Pinschers are smart, tall and large dogs making them ideal for guard dogs. 

They are trainable and incredibly loyal to the ones they love. Pinschers need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and happy. They make up great family pets unless you give them the attention, love and exercise they need.

6. Sloughi:

The next in our list of dogs that are skinny is Sloughi. Though the true history is much uncertain, Sloughis are believed to have originated from North Africa. 

Also known as Arabian Greyhounds, these hounds have excellent speed and hunting skills. Gazelle, foxes, wild pigs, hares and jackals are some animals it hunted. Sloughi have a very lean, athletic body with occasionally shedding short and fine coats. 

They weigh somewhere between 40 to 63 pounds and are about 24-33 inches tall. They are available in multiple colours and markings such as black marking, red, light sand, fawn, and brindle coats. Sloughi are reliable, protective and affectionate dogs.

7. Azawakh:

Another exquisite breed of dogs that are skinny is the Azawakh. The breed is named after the place of its origination, Azawakh Valley situated south of the Sahara Desert. The dog is known for their gorgeous lean body and long skinny legs naturally revealing the bone structure of the legs. 

The dog is idle for those who reside in warm regions or small apartments as Azawakh dislikes colder regions and can get adjusted anywhere. These hounds make up great running companions as the breed loves running around. 


These are some top breeds of dogs that are skinny making them perfect for any family. Dogs differ from each other. Some are muscular and hyperactive while others are aloof and unsocial. Active and muscular dogs make up great working dogs while unsocial breeds are great cuddling companions. 

Skinny dog comprises a bit of both active and aloof with gentle and affectionate nature. These dogs have stunning lean yet strong bodies and are skilled at hunting and running. Choose the hound that serves the best match for you. Take proper fitness and grooming care of your hound and enjoy playing with your canine friend!