Cracked raw egg over dog food is the best way to provide the required nutrients to your dog. However, people are often concerned about whether it’s safe for dogs. 

Raising a pet is not an easy task. They become a part of the family so everyone wants to provide what’s best for them. For their health people always try to give them the best foods, shampoo and shelter. 

Among animals, dogs are considered the most trustworthy and lovable animals. That’s why we often see dog owners being extra attached to their dogs. They want to provide the best nourishment to their dogs. So it’s no surprise people are searching if cracked raw egg over dog food is beneficial for their dogs. 

Cracked Raw Egg Over Dog Food:

Is raw egg good for your dog? Yes, adding a raw egg to your dog’s food is very beneficial. It’s a simple and easy way to provide nutrients, vitamins and protein in your dog’s diet. Although you can provide scrambled egg or boiled egg, raw egg is the best option. However, just like its benefits, there are also some risks involved in it. It may cause bacterial illness or choking risk. So let’s know in detail about its benefits and drawbacks. 

Is Cracking Raw Egg Over Dog Food Beneficial For Your Dog?

Providing raw eggs to your dog is proved very beneficial in many ways:

1. Eggs are the source of Amino acid:

In dogs, there must be twenty amino acids. Among them, ten are produced in the dog’s body and the other half must be provided through food. Dog foods available in the market have protein content but no amino acids. So eggs are essential for them. Feeding them a cracked raw egg over dog food can fulfil this requirement. 

2. The protein content in eggs is very high:

Nothing is better than an egg to provide protein to your dog. Dogs are omnivorous animals so they require protein and eggs have the highest level of protein content in them. So it’s very beneficial for the dog. It helps in skin cell regeneration, hair growth and hormone generation. 

3. Eggs fulfil the vitamin requirement:

Apart from protein, eggs are also a source of vitamins. It’s rich in B complex vitamins like vitamins A, D, E and K. It also has folic acid, niacin and riboflavin. 

For a healthy immune system and cell functioning vitamin A is required. For boosting blood cells vitamin B6 is necessary. Although dog food contains some of these vitamins it still lacks many necessary vitamins your dog needs. So cracked raw egg over dog food can fulfil the requirement of vitamins. 

4. Eggs are rich in fatty acids:

Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are very essential for dogs. In dog foods generally, omega 6 is available but it lacks omega 3 acids. Many vets suggest fatty acid supplements like canola oil, fish oil, flaxseed or corn oil. However, a raw egg contains these fatty acids. So next time just crack a raw egg into your dog’s food to provide fatty acids. 

5. Strong bones and joints with eggshell:

Everyone is aware of the benefits of the egg but very few know about the egg shells. Egg shells are rich in minerals like potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and others. It helps in strengthening the bones, teeth and gums of the dogs. It also works as a pain relief. So next time don’t throw away the eggshell when you crack an egg into your dog’s food. 

6. Eggs can increase the appetite of your dog:

Dogs who are picky eaters or getting recovered from an illness or simply want them to put on some more weight cracking an egg in their food might help you. Apart from providing protein, minerals, calcium and vitamins, it may also help in increasing the appetite of your dog. 

7. Give a treat to your dog with a raw egg:

Dogs are omnivorous animals so they require something healthy and tasty at the same time. Sometimes the treat we provide them may not be very good for their health. So give them a raw egg over their food as a treat. 

Health Hazards Of Providing Raw Egg To Your Dog:

Just like so many benefits, there are several risks involved in providing a cracked raw egg over dog food like:

1. Your dog may be allergic to raw egg:

Eggs can be allergic to dogs. The protein content in the egg may be a reason for allergy in your dog. They may develop gastrointestinal issues or diarrhoea. It may also affect the dog’s skin. These allergies can be easily noticeable. Dogs with egg allergies are often seen licking, rubbing or stretching and also have red itchy skin. 

If you are thinking of providing eggs to your dog, start gradually. If you see any of the above symptoms stop providing them eggs immediately and consult a vet. 

2. Your dog may get choked by the eggshell:

Egg shells are very hard as compared to raw eggs. Some dogs can chew it properly however for some dogs it’s pretty hard to chew. They might try to swallow it without chewing and have a risk of choking. 

So before providing eggshells to your dogs try to grind them or break them into fine pieces to lower the risk of choking. 

3. Eggs may increase the cholesterol level of your dog:

Eggs have a high concentration of cholesterol. Due to this many people hesitate to feed them eggs. However, it’s not an issue if your dog is not diabetic. So before providing cracked raw egg over dog food take your dog for a diabetes check-up at the vet. 


Feeding your dog a raw egg every day over their food is very beneficial for the dog. It has a high concentration of protein, minerals, amino acids, vitamins and fatty acids which are very beneficial for your dog’s health. However, it also has some risks involved in your dog’s life. So it is highly suggested to consult your vet doctor before providing cracked raw egg over dog food. 

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