The extraordinary breed of dog known as the Mechelse Herder, commonly referred to as the Belgian Malinois, originated in the Belgian city of Mechelen. This breed, which is renowned for its intellect, agility, and everlasting loyalty, has won global acclaim and respect, especially for its extraordinary capacities as a working dog.

The Mechelse Herder has established itself as a versatile and dependable breed, with a long history that is intricately entwined with its use in police enforcement, search and rescue, and as a loyal friend. 

However, we’ll explore the history, traits, and distinguishing qualities of the Mechelse Herder in this post, illuminating what makes this dog breed a particularly remarkable canine companion.

Describe A Mechelse Herder:

A Mechelse Herder, also called a Belgian Malinois, is a canine breed that was developed in Belgium. It’s a medium- to large-sized dog renowned for its wit, agility, and hard labor. The trainability and protective attitude of Mechelse Herders make them popular working dogs for jobs including police work, search and rescue, and therapy dogs. They are ferociously active and devoted, with short fawn-colored coats.

The Belgian Malinois’ History:

The shepherds of Belgium are the ancestors of the Malinois.

The four subtypes of Belgian shepherds that are still in existence today—the Malinois, Tervueren, Groenendael, and Laekenois—were developed around 1900.

The Belgian Shepherd was exclusively used as a working dog by farmers and sheepherders until the end of the 19th century.

On September 29, 1891, ‘Club du Chien de Berger Belge’ was established in Brussels. A breed standard was developed later in 1892.

The first Belgian shepherd to be recorded in the breeding book was in 1901. A Malinois was this dog.

The Traits Of A Malinois In General:

Duration Of Life

This dog can live for 12 to 14 years on average. For a huge dog, this is rather ancient. Dogs live 10.5 years on average.


  • Watchful And Protective: These dogs are very watchful and guard dogs. They will always keep you, your loved ones, and your house safe. The Malinois is constantly vigilant and detects problems right away. They are employed as police dogs for a variety of reasons, including this.         
  • Diligent And Dependable: They are an extremely devoted breed that will go above and beyond to make you happy. These canines are fiercely devoted to their owners.
  • Both Perceptive And Intelligent: The Malinois is a very smart breed. They are motivated and quick learners. Using this dog for training is really wonderful. When handling these dogs, you must be cautious. They are extremely devoted to their owners and are extremely sensitive to your anger. For this reason, you should constantly train constructively; nevertheless, more on that is covered under “education.”
  • Atomic Bomb: Malinois are energy bombs, as you are surely aware. They require the necessary exercise because they have a lot of energy. The Malinois requires between 1.5 and 2 hours daily. You can carry a ball with you to throw around while you’re walking since they enjoy playing with them.

Height And Weight:

The Belgian Malinois is a medium-sized breed of dog. At the withers, adult females range in height from 56 to 62 cm. Between 60 and 66 cm applies to men. Height at the withers is the distance between the surface (their legs) and their upper body. Males weigh between 29 and 34 kg and adult females weigh between 25 and 30 kg.

Coats And Care:

Despite having a short coat, the Malinois’s coat is a little bit longer and fuller around the neck and thighs. The muzzle is completely black, and the coat is a faint crimson colour. Near the tail and legs, you can notice some dark hues.

A woolen undercoat and coarse, short guard hairs make up the two components of the coat. Rain, sun, and snow are all things that the wool undercoat shields you against. This indicates that the dog can handle both cold and hot temperatures with ease. 

Mechelse herder dogs have self-cleaning coats. It makes sure that dirt comes out of the garment on its own. The dog doesn’t require frequent bathing as a result. The coat requires little maintenance on your part.

Two to three times per week, brush the dog. The Malinois sheds continuously. It is preferable to brush the dog every day because it loses a significant quantity of its undercoat twice a year.

The glove used for coat care is a decent brush. You can pet the dog with this glove, and you can brush your dog in this manner. The glove’s hair can be easily removed. Additionally, brushing promotes healthier blood circulation.

Activity Level:

The mechelse herders are extremely active, as I’ve already mentioned. Therefore, it is best to have a sizable garden where your dog may enjoy himself. It is also beneficial if you walk your dog frequently. Since this breed thrives on mental challenge and it is wonderful to observe your dog doing this, mental challenge is unquestionably required.

Training Challenge:

Training a mechelse herder is simpel. It is an intelligent and driven dog. The Malinois needs to get encouragement. Your relationship with your canine companion may grow distant if you use discipline in a negative way. The education section has further information about this.


Generally speaking, the Malinois is a highly healthy animal. Unfortunately, some inherited issues do happen, as with any breed.

One of them is dysplasia of the hip and elbow. This is a disease of cartilage growth. Osteoarthritis, malformed joints, and lameness can result from this.

In most cases, this issue becomes apparent between 6 and 12 months of age.

Epilepsy is a second condition that causes momentary disruptions in the electrical activity of brain cells. You can administer medication to your dog to stop subsequent attacks.

Many people may be alarmed by these conditions and consider passing on obtaining a Malinois, but keep in mind that many dogs suffer from similar conditions, and the Malinois is actually a healthy breed.

Raising A Mechelse Herder:

Educating a Malinois is an essential element of their culture. To avoid subsequent issues like dominance and aggressiveness, education is crucial.

Socialization is where it all begins. Normally, the puppy should be socialized by the breeder. To prevent behavioral issues, this breed needs to be extremely well-socialized. Your dog will be hostile to other people and dogs if you don’t do this.

Your dog can begin training as early as 8 weeks old. You should take a class from someone who has extensive expertise teaching dogs, in my opinion.

It is a dog that needs to be well-trained in order to avoid them becoming domineering. Working out with the Malinois will be a lot of fun. 

Children, Animals, And A Malinois:

Children cannot be handled by a Malinois… This is a common misconception, however, it is untrue.

This will go well if you socialize your Malinois well from the beginning and allow him to interact frequently with kids or other animals. Allow him to interact with kids playing and other pedestrians on the street frequently when out for a stroll.

Because the Malinois is a guard and defense dog, he will rapidly perceive a threat to his family if he is not given the necessary socialization. It’s crucial to never leave your kids alone with the dog. Actually, this is true of all dogs.

Are You The Ideal Owner For Mechelse Herder?

If: You are the ideal Malinois owner.

  • You enjoy being active and outside.
  • Take hold of the reins firmly.
  • Don’t give in to your dog; he must obey your commands. Without this, he might just follow his own wishes. This is definitely NOT what you want.
  • It is better that you have prior dog-raising experience. You might need to look for another breed if you don’t have this. If you’re motivated, assertive, and prepared to give the dog and its upbringing a lot of attention, this might work.

Is A Mechelse Herder Dangerous?

Both yes and no, is the answer. The Malinois is not hazardous if it is well-trained and always obeys its owner. Of course, you shouldn’t act in a way that the dog would see as menacing.

Malinois dogs can develop into quite deadly animals if they are not properly taught. All dogs are like this. Any poorly taught dog has the potential to be dangerous. In fact, the Malinois goes a step further. They are far more deadly than other badly trained dogs when they are not properly disciplined.

To help you and your Malinois train your wonderful Malinois, you should seek the advice of a dog trainer.

Price Of A Malinois At Purchase:

It’s crucial to get a Malinois from a reputable breeder and a decent litter. You should budget between €750 and €1500 for a nice Malinois.


We appreciate you reading this post and hope you now have a better understanding of the mechelse herder and whether this breed is right for you. Enjoy many wonderful times with your canine companion. One of the finest days of your life will be the day you get a puppy.

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