American bully vs American bulldog although looks identical but are completely different breeds. Apart from their appearance, their names are also very similar. 

People are often confused between American bulldog vs American bully. The similarities in their names and looks can make anyone think they are the same. There are so many similarities even in their personalities.

To top it off they even look similar to American pit bull terriers. All three have similar names and appearances. But believe it or not, they are completely different breeds. 

However, there are many dissimilarities between the two of them. You can distinguish between them based on certain characteristics. Keep reading to know more about these varying characteristics which makes them different from each other. 

American Bully Vs American Bulldog: Chief Differences

There are many ways to distinguish between the American bully vs American bulldog. It’s no surprise people often think they are the same breed as they have a lot in common. 

The most common similarity between them is their appearance. They both have boxy skulls and sturdy frames. Although on looking carefully there is a slight difference as the American bully’s frame and skull are more enhanced as compared to the American bulldog. 

Apart from this, there are several other features like their temper, personality and history. Do let’s discuss in detail the difference between the American bulldog vs American bully. 

Major Difference In Characteristics:

American bullies and American bulldogs almost look identical. So it’s hard to make a difference between them based on their looks. However, here are some ways in which you can distinguish between them. 

Difference In The Temper: 

Despite their sturdy appearance American bullies are very friendly, outgoing, well-mannered and happy dogs. They usually stay calm but it’s highly suggested to train them from harming others. 

American Bulldogs are very friendly and smart. They are quite sturdy and stubborn. So they require proper training. However, they are not vicious and can be handled with attention and care. 

Trainability Difference: 

When it comes to the training of American bully vs American bulldog, American bullies are very easy to train as compared to other dog breeds. They are much more intelligent and capable of learning things fast. 

American bulldogs are not easy to train. Despite their energetic, playful and flexible nature which requires a lot of physical activity you may have to hire a professional dog trainer. 

Major Difference In Appearance:

The similarities in their looks are the main reason why people take them as the same breed. However, there are several differences in their looks including their facial structure, height, weight, behaviour, colour and history.

American bullies are big and are classified into four different sizes including standard, pocket, classic and xl. Whereas American bulldogs are of various colours.

Height Difference: 

The American bully vs American bulldog can be distinguished easily based on their height. American bullies are categorised into four sizes namely XL, pocket, standard and classic. 

They are seventeen to twenty inches tall and the females are sixteen to nineteen inches tall. As compared to American bullies, American Bulldogs are tall. 

They are between twenty to twenty-eight inches tall whereas the females can reach up to twenty to twenty-four inches. 

Weight Difference: 

The difference between the weight of an American bulldog vs American bully is pretty much the same. American Bulldogs’ weight ranges up to 120 pounds. 

Whereas American bullies are average-sized dogs with firm body structures and sturdy frames. Their average weight can be measured up to 110 pounds. 

Based on their sizes they can be classified into different categories including XL, classic, pocket, standing and XXL. 

Coat Difference: 

Taking care of the coats of both dogs is very easy. Although American bullies shed much less hair as compared to other dogs. On comparing an American bully with an American bulldog the skin of an American bully is loose. 

American bullies have glossy, close, short and soft coats. They even have many different colours and patterns on their coats. On the other hand, American bulldogs have short coats. 

Colour Difference: 

As for the colour difference between American bully vs American bulldog if you are looking for different colours American bulldog will be a wise choice. They are in black, white, chocolate, brown and even bicolour brindle. 

As for American bullies, people often look for colours like mixed colour, tri colour or with white patterns. They also like dogs with white fawns with stripes and red noses. 

Major Difference In Health:

Another way to distinguish between American bulldog vs American bully is their health. 

Life Expectancy:

American bulldogs live longer lives as compared to American bullies. The life expectancy of American bulldogs is ten to sixteen years as they are a healthy breed. However, in some cases, it can be shorter if they develop some diseases like cataracts or elbow or hip dysplasia if they are overweight. 

Generally, American bullies live for ten to twelve years but they can live longer in proper care. A nice and proper environment can increase the life expectancy of American bullies. 

Health Issues:

Both American bully vs American bulldogs have some common health issues. However most commonly seen health issues in American bullies are skin problems, heart diseases, visual problems and hip dysplasia. 

As for American bulldogs, they may suffer from visual problems, allergies, overheating and obesity. However, they can be cured under proper medical care. 


Even if the American bulldog vs American bully have a lot in common it’s not difficult to distinguish between them. They both are very friendly and family dogs. 

In some areas, American bulldogs require more attention than American bullies like in training and behaving. On the other hand in some areas, American bullies need to be taken care of such as health. 

They both are very friendly and easy to handle but they can be dangerous sometimes if not guided properly. They need proper care and caution from the trainers. 

A loving environment with a proper diet is very important for both breeds. They also require grooming and medical care from time to time. 

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