The big nosed cat is a new edition to the fascinating cat breed series. Cats are furry animals belonging to the feline carnivore family. They vary in certain characteristics based on the place they belong and their breed. 

People who love cats usually have a favourite breed in mind with certain special characteristics like mesmerizing eyes, furry coats or big noses. In this crowd, cats with big noses often stand out of the breed as they have unique snouts and elegant impressions. 

If you’re thinking of adopting a kitten and the cat with big nose has got your attention, then you have landed on the perfect page. This article will provide you with a list of the top amazing big nosed cat breeds with their habits, characteristics and other features that will help you narrow your approach and make choosing easier. 

Top Big-Nosed Cat Breeds

Big-nosed cats are one of the most adorable kitten breeds. No matter if you’re looking for a friendly or aloof cat big nose, this guide will surely help you find one. 

1. Turkish Van:

Having originated from Turkey’s Lake Van region, Turkish Van is a beautiful ancient big nosed cat breed. Although these cats are known for their furry, semi-long-haired coat and large ears, the slender nose plays a crucial role in giving them an elegant look. 

The Turkish Van has a distinctive ‘Van’ pattern on the tips of their silky soft coat. They have almond eyes with a usual green or blue shade lens.  

Unlike any other big nosed cat, Turkish Van loves to be held close by their owners, follow their owners all around the house, love to play and even ask for cuddles and attention. They have a friendly disposition with both animals and humans which makes them an ideal choice for low-maintenance house pets.

2. Chausie:

The Chausie is a crossbreed cat created by the crossing of domestic cats with jungle cats of Southeast Asia. This resulted in creating a muscular body cat with longer legs. 

Chausie is known for being a cat with big nose, large ears, long legs, muscular and sleek body. They have a long graceful tail that can be carried over or tucked in between the legs easily. Chausies have soft and shiny, however thin coats as compared to other cats. Moreover, they come in various colours making them a go-to choice among cat lovers.

In addition, they have a playful nature and are intelligent too. Thereby, making it a great pet for those who enjoy playing with cats. 

3. Bengal: 

Another cat big nose is a crossbred cat developed by crossing Asian leopard cats and domestic cats. As a result, Bengal inherits the premium features of both cats. The rosettes, spots, and bright and glowy coats give them the unique wild looks of their ancestor leopard cats.

Like wild cats, Bengals have long legs, large paws, strong hindquarters and muscular bodies making it easy for them to climb trees. Despite their wild looks, these cats are extremely people-friendly, loyal and affectionate. 

Moreover, these cats are also known for their intellectual and intelligence. They enjoy being active and playing games such as hide-and-seek, puzzles and fetch-the-toy. So, if you’re looking for a pet kitten that would keep you entertained, then you should look for a reputable Bengal breed.

4. Highlander:

Also known as Highlander Lynx, these cats are a hybrid of Jungle Curl and Desert Lynx. The Highlander is a big nosed cat with a muscular body, curled ears and short tails. This cat breed has been gaining a lot of popularity and attraction from the cat-lovers community across the globe.

Their long legs, athletic body and sharp claws make it easier for them to climb trees and hunt prey easily. Moreover, they have a playful personality and love attention. Highlanders love to cuddle as well. These characteristics make them an ideal choice for those who want a playful cat but resist back from getting into trouble.

5. American Curl:

The American Curl is one of the newest cat big nose breeds that have distinctive curl ears and bulbous, long noses. Their coat length ranges from medium to long with a soft texture and thick undercoat that comes in various colours and patterns.  

American Curls have a long, muscular and strong body. They are social and affectionate towards their owners and love cuddling and petting. Moreover, they are very active, have playful nature and can be trained easily. 

6. Chartreux:

Chartreux are a rare ancient French breed known for being cat with big nose. They have round faces and are stuffed with dense blueish-grey coats. Unlike other cats, Chartreux’s big nose and the unique shape of their mouth fold in such a way giving them an exceptional ability to smile. 

These cats hold a special place in history associating with Chartreux monks dating back to the 16th century. These cats have incredible hunting skills as well. It is once believed to be employed in monasteries to keep a check of rodents. If you’re very fond of ancient and unique animals, then this cat is perfect for you.

7. Siamese:

Siamese are big nosed cat with broad faces and elongated bodies. Their almond-shaped eyes give them a distinctive and mesmerizing look. These are the oldest cat breeds having their origins in ancient Siam(Thailand).

Siamese have long, slender legs accompanied by bushy tales. These are known for their affectionate nature. These cats love to be around people and follow their owners around the house. The best part about this cat is that these are pretty affordable making them a much popular choice among kitten lovers.

Final Thoughts: 

The breed of cat with big nose is one of the most exclusive cats worldwide. One can easily find them across and within borders on breeders and shelters. Some are aloof while others are affectionate, playful and intelligent. 

In this article, we listed out some top amazing feline breeds with big noses that can be best friends for life. Choose the breed that fits both your lifestyle and personality. Which according to you is an idle big nosed cat breed for you? Do let us know in the comments!

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