Blue australorp is a popular breed of chicken which is popular among poultry farmers and enthusiasts around the globe. The chicken has several unique characteristics that makes it look attractive and differentiates it from regular chickens. Blue australorps are also popular for their egg sizes and have unmatched egg laying capabilities that makes them favourite among commercial farmers. 

Origin Of Blue Australorp:

This unique variety of chicken traces its origin in Australia where it was breeded around the 20th century. The chicken was a result of a cross breed among various strains of the black Orpington chicken. This breed gave it a unique bluish appearance. Thus, blue australorp chickens gained popularity due to its beautiful appearance and unique egg laying capabilities which was a gift from its superior genetics. 

Physical Appearance of Blue Australorp:

Let’s know more about the appearance of blue australorp chicken


This blue australorp is a large sized chicken with a solid and sturdy body shape. This variety of chicken has strong shoulders and chest which makes it look strong. 


This chicken has a medium sized single comb on his head. The comb has a distinct red colour which gives a great contrast with australorp blue feathers. 


The blue australorps have medium sized wattles hanging on each side of their beak. 


Blue australorp chickens are known for their weight. It has an average weight of 4.5 kgs ( 3.8 kg in case of hens). 


Blue australorp has a very alluring blue coloured plumage. The shiny deep blue feathers of this chicken topped with a blue plumage radiates in the sunlight giving it a very beautiful appearance. 

Beak and eyes: 

Blue australorp have a distinct curved shaped beak which is very strong. Their eyes are very big and have a mix of red and brown colour. 


The blue australorp are known to have a well built physique. They have a broad and well shaped breast. They have a short back which is shaped sloping towards the hips. 

Legs and feet:

The blue australorp has a distinct pair of legs. It has sturdy legs which are placed apart, helping them with walking steadily and having better control over movement. They have four toes in their feet with each toe with a sharp claw at its end. The legs are slate blue in colour giving them a unique appearance. 

Egg Quality And Productivity Of Blue Australorps:

A blue australorp is one of the breed of chicken which is known for its high productivity. They lay around 300 eggs in an year which are brown in color and large in size. This is the reason that blue australorp chickens are most demanded among breeders around the world. 

Blue australorp start laying eggs at the age of 6 months. And it remains consistent with egg production and lays egg for several years. They are one of the most reliable egg layers and they lay eggs even in colder months

Quality Of Eggs Of Blue Australorp Chickens:

Eggs of blue australorp are of superior quality and have a hard shell which ensures easy transportation of eggs. Thus, the durability of eggs makes it the most demanded variety of chicken for commercial purposes. Thus, it helps poultry farmers gain more profit. 

Its eggs are filled with rich vitamins and have a thick golden yolk and a dense egg white. These are the things that every consumer looks for in their eggs and thus this quality helps in promoting sales of eggs. The taste of the eggs is also better than usual eggs and thus it is often celebrated among consumer for its rich taste. 

Meat Of Blue Australorp:

Blue australorp chickens are not only used for their eggs but are also used as meat for delicious non veg delicacies. These chickens have soft meat and have a distinct flavour in it.

The dishes made from this meat are soft and mushy and are very juicy. This makes blue australorps ideal for consumption and its meat can be used for day to day consumption. Along with it’s high productivity of eggs, blue australorp presents a strong case as a primary source for meat and thus maximises profit for the farmers. 

Health And Care Considerations For Breeding Blue Australorps:

Some of the things that you need to keep in mind while breeding a blue australorp are as follows – 


You need to ensure that the blue australorp gets a balanced diet which can be obtained from a high quality poultry food. The food mix should include seeds, grains, and fresh greens that will help them maintain an optimal health. 


The blue australorps should have a good supply of clean water. This is essential to prevent development of bacterial growth in their body. Furthermore, you need to wash them regularly to remove any dirt or pests that may get attached to their body. If you will not ensure hygiene at their homes, they may get exposed to various diseases that can arise due to unhygienic environment. 

Parasite control:

Blue australorp chickens often get infected with parasites such as mites and lices. You need to get proper treatment that will help you control the infestations. 

Get them vaccinated:

Blue australorp are small animals which often get diseases which can seriously affect the productivity of your poultry farms. Therefore, it is important for you to administer proper vaccines to your chickens.


Blue australorp is one of the most celebrated varieties of chicken. It is one of the most productive chicken varieties and is the most preferred choice by farmers due to its calm and quiet temperament. This chicken is not only tamed for commercial purposes but also for a beautiful and friendly partner in the backyard. 

However, you need to ensure that they are living in a good condition and are getting a proper diet which ensures their proper health and best care. This is necessary for their overall growth and development and keeps them healthy and happy.

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