Parrots are great choices for pets as they are exotic birds with adaptive nature. They are well known for being self-dependent, attractive, and, most interestingly, talkative. There are many varieties of breeds, colors, and characters of parrots, but their most special trait is being green.

The first question that comes to mind while deciding to take them is how much does a parrot cost. The answer depends upon various factors: location, breed, size, and habit of the parrots. If you plan to get a parrot, keep reading the article to know all the details about their expenses for living, food, and checkups.

Cost of getting a parrot:

In the United States, the cost of a parrot ranges from $200 to $3000, depending on the breed, special color, or good health. The cheapest parrot is a budgie, which you can usually get at $200 to $250 everywhere. Cockatiels and lovebirds are also budget-friendly parrots, but golden conures and black palm cockatoos range from $2000 to $3000.

Various factors decide the price tag of a parrot, such as how old they are. Younger parrots are sold at a higher rate than older ones if a new color pattern is observed, such as light blue shades on the beak and wings, which raises the cost of a parrot. Unique color patterns are in high demand, and buyers usually pay up to $ 5,000 for specific color choices for a parrot.

The place where you plan to get a parrot plays a key role in receding the cost. Places with a high demand for parrots as a pet, such as the United States and Africa, can never cost you less than $200. Getting a parrot from a private breeder can be expensive, but it is the most suitable choice.

When you get a parrot from a private breeder, how much does a parrot cost must not matter. You get the best parrot and all the details about their health, choices, habits, and requirements. The cost will start from $1000 and go up to a 4-digit number, but you will get the best deal.

Adopting from a rescue center or caretaker is the best choice for getting a parrot. In this way, you will be helping someone and fulfilling your wish. Generally, recuse centers charge less than local shops, ranging from $100 to $500. You will also learn about the pet you are adopting, such as its needs, routine, habits, and choices.

Get your research done on the breed choice and color patterns to get the best pet to enhance your home. Usually, parrots are very friendly and have a habit of repeating what you say, making them unique pets. Spending $200 can be worth it on a common variety of parrots, but $3000 must be in your budget if you have a specific demand.

How Much Does A Parrot Cost?

Parrots are birds that require a good space cage when purchased or adopted. After knowing how much does a parrot cost, you must add their living expenses, veterinary requirements, and food. A cage must be installed for a parrot with enough space to exercise.

Cages range from $100 to $500 depending on the size, material and additions. A large cage can cost up to $1000, which is a requirement for parrots as they are active and quick learners. The owners are responsible for providing them with the environment they used to live in, mostly an open space.

A cage also requires feeding and water bowls ranging from $20 to $50. For entertainment purposes, swings, ladders, or toys can also be added to the cage for the parrot’s free time. Depending on your choices, the additions can cost $20 to $200. 

Expenses of veterinary for a parrot:

Taking care of health for proper well-being and a healthy lifestyle is important. After calculating how much does a parrot cost,  one must also pay attention to its health expenses. A veterinary doctor with expertise in parrots is recommended to visit regularly.

A visit to a veterinarian can cost up to $50, a requirement for every pet animal. After getting a parrot, get it examined by a doctor to know its health requirements. Some parrots also require vaccination to avoid catching infections or genetic problems, which requires up to $100.

If a parrot is healthy and does not require any vaccination, then at least an annual visit is recommended by experts to avoid flues. The total veterinary expense for a parrot can be calculated to be at least $400, which is normal for every animal.

What Are Grooming Expenses For A Parrot?

More than knowing how much does a parrot cost is needed to get a parrot pet. You have to pay attention to the needs and requirements of parrots over time. Parrots require regular trimming of nails and extra wings. If trimming is avoided, it can lead to the growth of microorganisms causing diseases.

Generally, parrots are known for preen, which means they clean themselves and look good by arranging their feathers with the help of their beaks. Some parrots won’t require your regular attention for grooming, but you need to clean their cage for cleanliness.

Parrots also require grooming of their beak to avoid overgrowth and breaking. The trimming can be done at home if one knows how to do it to avoid extra expense. If a groomer and cleaner do the job for a parrot, then at least $100 expense can be considered for a year.


Parrots are less demanding, self-caring, active, talkative, and friendly birds, thus making them a suitable pet option. They have few requirements, such as large parrots requiring enough space, which means a big cage to roam around, unlike small birds such as budgies. They also have their food, health, and grooming requirements.

If examined carefully, the overall expenses can be almost $400 for a year to look upon a parrot. While purchasing a parrot, you will spend at least $1000 on the cage and other expenses. I hope the article answers your question about how much does a parrot cost.