The best choice for receiving a regular egg supply without fail is California white chicken. This breed of hen requires very little expense and can be easily grown in backyards. The California chicken combines white leghorn hens and California grey roosters.

The hen is a good choice as a pet as you will have free eggs and a companion to complement your home. There are many options in the breed of hens, but hybrid ones have a longer life span and productivity. Let’s delve in-depth into the hybrid of chicken known as California white.

What Is The Origin Of California White Chicken?

The increased demand for eggs and their meat led to the production of a chicken hybrid, which could fulfill the demand. Hybrids can produce 5 eggs a week, almost 300 eggs per year. They are even friendly and don’t require regular attention.

Various combinations were tried to yield a breed of chicken. Finally, the result was observed in a pure white breed with a red beak known as California white chicken. White leghorn chicken and California grey rooster were cross-bred to receive the highest egg-laying chicken.

In the 1930s, when the war was at its peak, meat and eggs were the main food sources for people. The first California chicken was produced to get as many eggs as possible. As the name suggests, it was observed in California but originally originated in America.

The appearance of California chicken is similar to white leghorns, making it difficult to differentiate between the original and the hybrid chicken. The genes and docility are observed as barred Plymouth genes in the grey rooster. The combination is perfect to fulfil the demand.

How Do You Recognize California White Chicken?

The original chicken is smaller and thinner than the hybrid chicken. The California white chicken is pure white, with red earlobes, beaks, wattles, and combs. Sometimes, black spots are also observed under the wings and skin of these chickens. They are not a well-known breed, so people do not easily recognize them, but if you pay little attention, you can easily spot them.

The California female chicken weighs almost 5.5 pounds, and the male weighs up to 7 pounds, much heavier than the normal chicken. They are also built upright and strong with good muscular strength. They are friendly and active, along with long wings, which makes them capable of taking short flights. 

It is difficult to differentiate between the original leghorn chicken and the hybrid California white chicken because of its similar appearance. The difference is the ability of the hybrid to lay a comparatively large amount of egg than the natural chicken. The hybrid chicken is also stronger and healthier.

What Is The Lifespan Of A California White Chicken?

The average lifespan of a chicken ranges from 5 years to 10 years. If proper nutrition and care are provided to them, it can result in a gradual increase in the life span. Generally, domestic chickens live longer, up to 15 years. The oldest chicken is observed to live at about 22 years of age.

For the hybrid chicken, the lifespan is observed to be only 2-4 years. The combination of genes and characters makes hybrid chickens high-yielding but decreases their living years. If everything is cared for properly and regular veterinary recommendations are taken, then it can be made a hybrid survive up to 8 years. 

The average age of chickens is at least 5 years, in which they can produce at least 1500 eggs. Some chickens have a good lifespan, which completely depends upon the choice of breed, location, and temperature. Getting California white is a great option for beginners experimenting with poultry. 

Nature Of California White Chicken:

The hybrid of California white chicken is the best option for beginners who want to keep chickens as pets. California chickens are calm, friendly, and adaptive. They can survive in all temperatures but require winter ventilation to maintain good health and produce good eggs.

California chickens are social and interactive and love people and animals around them. One can easily add other pets with them as they get along quickly. They don’t even have high demands; they require good space and proper food.

They need enough space to roam around and have a good. The fence should be of good height as they have long wings and can fly up to a certain height. To prevent escaping, a proper cage or fencing ground must be provided to house chickens.

One special nature of California white chicken is that it lays eggs at 17 weeks. All other chickens attend puberty at the 18th week and start laying eggs after becoming 6 months old. California white chickens produce almost 300 eggs annually, while all other chicken breeds can only produce up to 250 eggs.

Different Characteristics Of California White Chicken?

A special trend reported by the owners of California white chickens is that they can go broody without suspecting. You won’t even realize your chicken fertilizes eggs and produces young ones. They have the special character of going broody on their own.

All the chickens require proper care, temperature, and observation to fertilize eggs, but California whites do it independently. The characteristic is not observed in every California chicken but was reported by many owners, which surprised people.

Leghorns and grey roosters are not broody, even slightly, but a hybrid of the two California, showing the characteristic is intriguing. There is no disadvantage to the special characteristic of the breed so that it can be overseen. Along with getting a high amount of eggs, you can expect to get little chicks as well.


If you are a beginner and looking for a breed to opt for getting as a pet chicken, then the best choice is California white chicken. They are the largest producer of eggs, are adaptive, and do not require high attention. They survive on general grains rich in vitamins and minerals.

California chicken is suitable for backyards as they are quiet and serene. They are also used for meat and are profit-making for the owners. Provide your chicken with all the general care and veterinary treatment for the best outcome. If California white has many advantages, why not get a chicken yourself?