One of the most attractive variations of a frog is the strawberry pacman frog, which is native to South America. The round shape, triangular mouth, and resemblance to the character arcade from the Pac-Man movie have earned them this nickname. They also have a combination of red and pinkish colours, giving a very close resemblance to strawberries.

The Strawberry Pacman frogs is an incredible pet as it requires deficient maintenance and proper checks on the temperature and humidity levels. They basically feed on live animals but sometimes enjoy small vertebrates. Keep moving ahead with the article to know in depth about the variation of the popular Pac-Man frog species.

What is the speciality of the strawberry Pacman frog?

Ceratophrys cranwelli is the scientific name given to the variant of frog belonging to the Ceratophryidae family. They generally have a combination of orange, yellow, and red patches all over the body and a white belly, which makes them eye-catching. They have another attractive appearance, which is round, significant, and bright red eyes.

The Pacman frog grows up to 3 to 5 inches in length and generally weighs around one pound. In most cases, females grow more, and males are a little smaller. The strawberry pacman frog is nocturnal, which means they naps, keeping their eyes wide open. 

They are believed to estimate when they experience temperature, which means they form a protective layer around them. Clear skin is developed, which observes moisture and aid in respiration. Once the estimation period is completed, remove the protective layer with the help of the front and hind legs. 

In some cases, the Pacman frog uses its jaws to remove its protective skin and consumes it as food in the process. Being carnivorous, they enjoy their meat all the time. Generally, frogs dine on spiders, roaches, smaller frogs, and some other insects. All the animals that are half the size of Pacman frogs are prone to becoming their dinner. 

The average age of strawberry pineapple pacman frog ranges between 4 and 6 years, but if proper care and diet are provided, they live up to 6 to 10 years. The frogs are terrestrial, so this variant of rock also lives on land and spends time in the water. Mostly best friend the day you read in a leaf or stay under the rock.

Where can I buy a strawberry Pacman frog?

Pacman frogs are widespread as a pet, so they are generally available between $15-30 dollars. The price range varies with the colour and morph of the frog. The strawberry Pacman is a particular variant and is in high demand, which makes it expensive compared to other frogs. They are available between $75-145 dollars anywhere. 

There are online dealers available to get a frog from, but it is recommended to visit offline before purchasing your pet. A pet shop near you will be the best option as they will also help provide habits and other details about the Pacman. Get all the information before you get home with a Pacman frog, as they have their requirements.

What are the points to keep in mind before purchasing a strawberry Pacman frog?

The Pacman frog requires a bit of financial investment to be a pet, especially the blue strawberry pacman frog. They require a terrarium to replicate their natural habitat and a particular temperature, without which they cannot survive. 

Pacman frogs love to hide for warmth, so their terrarium will require a layer of soil to provide them plenty of space for burrowing and hiding. While Pacman frogs can make for easy pet care, they must be handled with care and must be picked up absolutely when it is necessary to be held. 

Touching and holding are often not required for frogs as they have sensitive skin. In defence, frogs often bite fingers as they feel threatened when touched. Make sure that a proper and consistent routine of caring for and feeding the strawberry frog on time is being provided. 

The terrarium must be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid infections. Everything must be provided to frogs for their well-being, and remember to add water in which they will soak themselves and even drink from it.

Facts about strawberry Pacman frog:

Pacman frogs have around 18 different colour morphs; among those, strawberry pacman frog are well known because of their red and pinkish appearance. They also have horns, which are not actual but flaps of skin popping out over their eyes, resembling horns. These frogs are generally inactive except when feeding.

They are not poisonous, but when they attack in their defence, they cause severe wounds. The strawberry Pacman frog has a long mouth that quickly catches the finger, especially of a child. They have a set of specialised teeth, which makes it hard for prey to escape, and they often end up choking. 

These frogs have susceptible skin, which dislikes physical touch. They are also sensitive to lotions, perfumes, soaps, and other products that they can come in contact with because of human hands. The strawberry pineapple pacman frog loves to live in their comfortable natural habitat. 

Ponds, freshwater marshes, dense forests, grasslands, and tropical swamplands are some of their favourite accommodating places. If they are kept as a pet and natural habitats are not provided, they often give up on their life. The frogs are very resistive and often resist things different from their natural habitat.


Since the Pacman frogs are simple to care for, easy to handle, and primarily inactive, they make a great pet. A corner of the house, which has a small terrarium with a sufficient amount of soil to burrow in, is the essential requirement of the Pacman. Baby frogs reach their adult size within a year and live for approximately five years.

The Pacman is simple, yet there are points to remember about them before getting them as a pet. Physical touch must be avoided because of their sensitive skin. Overall, the strawberry pacman frog is an attractive, low-maintenance, and quite expensive creature. This article provided all the essential details that must be known before getting a Pacman frog.